Getting Pregnant

Week 5 to week 8 of pregnancy

If you are a pregnant mother, and you are in the fourth week of your pregnancy, you might be wondering what will occur in the next four weeks. There are dramatic changes going on within your body that you can definitely feel, but what exactly is happening with your baby? How much is the baby growing? What exactly is happening with the fetus inside your uterus? In this article, we will address and answer these questions, as well as share with you the changes within the pregnant mother as well. Let’s now take a look at what will happen to both the mother and the baby starting with the fifth week of the pregnancy.

 Week 5 Of Pregnancy

At this stage of your pregnancy, within your uterus, the embryo is growing very fast. It is roughly the size of a sesame seed, appearing more like a tadpole than an actual human being. The baby consists of three layers at this point in time, which include the ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm. In the outer layer, the ectoderm, the neural tube is developing, a structure that will later become your babies backbone, nerves, spinal cord and brain. In the middle layer, the mesoderm, the heart is beginning to take form. Inside of this layer, the baby’s muscles and skeletal structure will also begin to develop. Within the inner layer, the endoderm, the organs of the baby’s body are beginning to form, including the pancreas, liver, thyroid, rudimentary urinary system, intestines and his or her lungs. The mother is currently experiencing fatigue and a constant need to urinate, as well as the beginnings of morning sickness.


fetus in womb

Week 6 Of Pregnancy

At this stage of the pregnancy, there are several major developments occurring. On what will become the baby’s head, there are dark spots which will later be the baby’s eyes, nose, and mouth. The ears are marked by distinct depressions on the side of the head which are visible at this stage of the pregnancy. The heart is now beating up to 160 times per minute, roughly twice the heart rate of the mother, and blood is beginning to move throughout the body. The pituitary gland is forming within the brain area, and the intestinal system is beginning to form. The baby is now roughly the size of a lentil. The mother will start to feel bipolar, with ricocheting emotions occurring as a result of hormonal changes. There will also be a small amount of bleeding, with the blood appearing on toilet tissue and her underpants. All of this is perfectly normal for week six of the pregnancy.

Week 7 Of Pregnancy

At this stage of the pregnancy, the hands and feet of the baby are beginning to develop on the arms and legs. Although they appear more paddle-like, fingers and toes are soon to come. Even though the baby is still in an embryonic stage, with an extended tailbone, the child is still growing, having doubled in size (now the size of a blueberry) since the previous week. The eyes, which will have some color, now have eyelids and the babies liver is now producing red blood cells, something that the bone marrow will soon do in its place. The pancreas and intestines are also developing, and the umbilical cord is now delivering nutrients and oxygen in and out of this tiny body. The mother’s uterus has doubled in size since the inception of the child, and morning sickness is a constant occurrence in her life. She will also need to urinate more because of all of the extra fluid which is constantly processed through her kidneys as a result of the increasing amounts of blood flow throughout her body, and the body of the baby as well.

4 second weeks of pregnancy


Week 8 Of Pregnancy

At this stage of the pregnancy, the fingers and toes of the baby have started to develop. Eyelids cover the tiny eyes, and the spinal tail has almost completely vanished. Inside the baby’s brain, nerve cells are beginning to connect forming neural pathways. The genitals have still not developed, and the baby is roughly the size of the kidney bean, a size too small to feel at this stage. The mother will notice that her breasts are getting larger as a result of the increasing amounts of hormones in her body. Nausea and vomiting will be constant at this point, requiring her to sleep more often to recover.


As you can see, during these four weeks of the pregnancy, there are significant changes that happen not only with the baby within the mother, but also with the mother as well. These changes will continue until the baby is born, changes that will inevitably lead to the small child that she will love for the rest of her life. If you are currently pregnant, hopefully this information on week 5 to week 8 of a mother’s pregnancy can help you understand what to expect during the early stages of this very special time in your life.