Weight control and physical activity during pregnancy

Physical activity

All the experts do highlight that a controlled physical activity is very good for a pregnant woman. Physical activity helps:

  • Ease backache
  • Prevents constipation
  • Strengthen the muscles
  • Leaves the body in shape after birth
  • Feeling good with yourself

The object of physical activity during pregnancy is to keep the pregnant woman fit and emotionally normal.

yoga during pregnancy


The program of physical activity

A lot of women remember to do physical activity during pregnancy but this is not the best moment to start it if the pregnant woman before being pregnant has not been in a regular physical activity. In this case it is good to speak with the doctor. The appropriate sports are walking and swimming. The bicycle and tread mill performed with easy rhythm are also good for the body. Physical activity is useful for the control of body weight, activity of birth and the period after that. This activity in pregnancy should be not more than 80 % than before being pregnant. Controlled activity does not bring abortion in a normal pregnancy.

During a normal pregnancy the heartbeat is higher and if heartbeat increases during physical activity than these physical activities should be moderated. Very often should be checked the pulse while training. Training should not be applied if:

  • A woman has had an abortion, birth prematurely, problems with cervical neck.
  • High blood pressure before being pregnant
  • Heart disease before being pregnant
  • Being pregnant with twins or more fetuses
  • Vaginal bleeding

Over the weeks changes also the rhythm of the physical activity, it should be reduced and some kind of exercises could not be practiced anymore with the increased abdominal and the change of the gravity in the human body.

yoga during pregnancy

The best sports for a pregnant woman:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Aerobics in water
  • Cycling
  • Jogging and tennis (if before have practiced these kind of sports)
  • Step
  • Tread mill

During pregnancy should be avoided these kinds of sports:

  • Diving
  • Skiing in sea
  • Surf
  • Riding
  • Skiing in snow


Aerobics is very helpful for pregnant women. They affect in strengthening of abdominal muscles and of perineum which are very necessary in finality of a normal birth. Pregnant women should always be advised from an expert trainer.

physical activity during pregnancy

Weight control

Almost all pregnant women are  careful for their  increase of weight. Some women do pay more attention to this fact. Weight increase in normal parameters is necessary for the growth of fetus and the normal progress of pregnancy. Normal growth of the quantity of calories in the diet is 300- 800 calories per day but nor every woman should do this, these are some general advices. If a woman is underweight before being pregnant she should increase her calories to 800 per day even more than this , the opposite should happen with women that have been overweight before being pregnant, they do not need  to add calories.

During nine months of pregnancy a woman should add 6.75 to 11.25 kg.

The secret for a healthy nutrition and for weight control is a balanced diet. You should eat foods that you need and should choose the proper ones.

The weight distribution

  • 3.38 kg the baby
  • 3.15 kg fat depositions
  • 1.8 kg increase the volume of liquids
  • 0.9 kg enlargement of uterus
  • 0.9 kg enlargement of breasts
  • 0.68 kg placenta

Adding weight should happen week after weekfor example 300 gr per week till twentieth week of pregnancy and 450 gr per week from the twentieth week till the end of pregnancy.

pregnant belly

Work, fatigue and pregnancy

Always at the beginning of pregnancy the woman feels very tired as she constantly asks herself if she would ever feel like before. Over the weeks surely this feeling passes however fatigue and weariness are the most common signs of pregnancy so it is not abnormal.

Over the weeks the situation gets better being fed correctly , taking the proper prenatal vitamins, and resting enough.

A lot of women continue working normally during pregnancy , in the past it was said that a pregnant woman should not work but today it is different. Since a lot of pregnant women work outside the house now it is possible to study the impact of work on pregnancy. The different studies have shown that normal working does not impacts on the development of pregnancy and of the fetus exept of the cases when a woman works in a place that she stays a lot on feet or lift and carries heavy weight.

Sleeping and resting

A pregnant woman needs to sleep a lot than before being pregnant. In general it is recommended 8 to 10 hours of sleep a day to feel better .