Week 9 to week 12 of pregnancy

In the first three months of pregnancy, it is a very important time for both the mother and the child. Many developments occur, changes in the development of the baby, and both physical and emotional changes with the mother. Although every stage of pregnancy is vital, it is during these four weeks, week 9 to week 12 of pregnancy, that some of the most significant changes occur to the baby itself. In this article, we will present what happens in week 9 to week 12 of pregnancy, a very important time in the development of your child.

Week 9 Of Pregnancy

At this stage of pregnancy, your baby is going to be about the size of a typical green olive. Since the previous week, the child has grown about 1 inch. Muscles are beginning to readily form throughout the baby’s body, a precursor to the movement of arms and legs. As with the prior eight weeks, the mother will still not feel the baby. It is possible to now hear the baby with a Doppler device, something that should prove both exciting and comforting. The mother will feel extremely tired as the placenta continues to develop. Hormone levels and metabolism are on overdrive, and the mother’s blood pressure and blood sugar levels will be greatly decreased. This contributes to the reason why she will feel tired and why her energy levels will be so low. Her breasts will also begin to change, and feel much more tender than ever before. She will also feel a constant need to urinate, and heartburn or indigestion may be occurring at this stage as well.

Week 10 Of Pregnancy

During this week, the baby has grown to the size of a typical prune. There will be indentations in the baby’s legs, something that occurs prior to the ankles and knees forming. There may also be signs of an elbow and within the baby’s mouth, little teeth are beginning to form. The kidneys and stomach are beginning to function, and urine and digestive juices are also present. The mother will begin to get constipated much more easily, which means that drinking lots of water is absolutely imperative. Migraine headaches are common, primarily because blood supply within her body is at increased levels. Her cravings for food will be high, but she also feel queasy when contemplating what to eat. Vomiting, nausea, indigestion and heartburn will also continue. She’ll also see an increase in vaginal discharge and flatulence, a condition where the muscles, especially in the gastrointestinal tract, are beginning to relax.

Week 11 Of Pregnancy

Measuring at around 2 inches, the baby is continuing to grow. Fingernails, hair follicles, and other distinct human characteristics are beginning to take shape. The baby’s ears, hands, and feet are beginning to look very familiar, and will also have a developing tongue in his or her mouth. You will also notice that the baby has fingers and toes now, moving away from the froglike webbed appearance that has been there for several weeks. Mothers will continue to have morning sickness, though they will be very hungry most of the time. It’s a good idea to stay away from anything that produces gas, including sweets, sodas, fried foods and beans. Her fatigue will continue until the placenta is fully functional, reaching its full stage of development. As with the prior week, a frequent need to urinate, tenderness of the breasts, vomiting, nausea and excessive amounts of saliva will also be present.

Week 12 Of Pregnancy

In week 12, the size of a large plum, the baby now weighs about one half ounce. There are now contractions within the fetal digestive system, and bone marrow is beginning to make white blood cells of the body. The pituitary gland located within the brain is also starting to produce reproductive hormones. The mother will continue to have increased blood flow throughout the body, yet will have extremely low blood sugar levels. Her hormones will continue to be erratic, and an increased sense of smell will also develop. Flatulence, excessive saliva, and a decreasing need to urinate so often will also occur.

Although these four weeks of pregnancy are part of the entire process, they are extremely important for the development of the baby. Although the mother will continue to experience excessive amounts of discomfort both physically and emotionally, the development of the babies knees, elbows, fingers, toes, and many other internal vital functions are occurring, making this situation a difficult, but very necessary part, of the process. Hopefully this information on week 9to12 of pregnancy will help any mother prepare for what is to come while pregnant with a child. Giving birth to a beautiful baby girl or boy is something that every mother looks forward to at some point in time. By understanding the process, and the changes that will also occur to her, it makes everything just a little easier, with the end result being a beautiful child that she will cherish for many years to come.

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